7 Reasons Why Customised T-shirts Make A Difference?

7 Reasons Why Customised T-shirts Make A Difference?

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Here we will discuss why customised t-shirts can prove to be a better marketing tool and how they can make a difference in terms of marketing.

1. It is cheap to print t-shirts in bulk

If a brand wishes to get t-shirts printed in bulk, the cost per piece lowers down and the total amount that will have to be spent will fall. Moreover, T-shirts can act as great gifts to the clients and guests.

2. More eco-friendly means

Most environmentalists would agree with a fact that a t-shirt as a means of marketing is friendlier to the environment than any other traditional means including brochures, newspaper ads, and hoardings, among others.

Since a T-shirt is made of biodegradable materials and it has got a larger lifespan compared to any other marketing product.

One might agree that after the novelty of a t-shirt reduces, one might either use it as nightwear or gym wear or even give it to the house-help; however this again solves the purpose of a brand or a movement which is to reach out to the public.

3. Much more recognisable than any other merchandise used for marketing and social movements

Most social movements and marketing campaigns, in order gain popularity, create merchandise and distribute them among the public during events.

Promoting a cause is definitely one of the forms of how you express yourself, Could say much like fashion. Printing and distributing custom t-shirts are a great way to spread awareness about your social campaigns and bring out the message about the cause out there in the open as the design itself can represent what your cause is all about and include a custom caption/slogans to make sure the message is clear.

Additionally, it is a means to generate income/raise funds that can help the charity. Custom t-shirts are usually something that you can wear for a long time and its’ novelty may wear off after a while.

Almost every event, right from a district charity run to a national marathon, every event requires T-shirts. These can be worn even after the event ends and can still act as a reminder of the same.

Like for example by giving your participants a customized, printed T-shirt with the logo, slogan and message of cancer awareness, used for the cause of fundraising, you will give them a commodity that they would be able to hold onto forever, treasure in their hearts, and always be proud of. This will prompt them to continue with social service and participate in more cancer walks to come!

Even when custom t-shirts are given during a marketing campaign or a social campaign, one might just wear it rather than carrying it and after the event ends, the t-shirt might land somewhere.

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4. Better Visual imagery

One might have often heard that “What sells is what you can see and analyse through the human eye”. Hence, a brand which has got the most eye-catching content on its’ marketing platforms is the brand would usually sell the most.

According to a study, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain.
The content that has got visuals and catchy taglines has been proven to be visually stimulating.

5. Great for initiating conversations

You may surely remember that last time when you might have taken a shared cab or public transport and might have worn a t-shirt of a particular brand, you surely might have struck some great conversation for sure.

Hence, these t-shirts act as great conversation starters many times. Especially, if it is about a brand or a movement.

For instance- One might surely remember the scene from the film “Gully Boy” wherein Murad Ahmad (Ranveer Singh) saw a T-shirt worn by a British tourist who had come for a slum tour of Dharavi.

The t-shirt had the image of one the best known rappers from the United States and that became a point of conversation between the two and Ranveer Singh even told the entire rap of the rapper whose T-shirt the British tourist had worn.

6. Brings a sense of uniformity

Human is a social being. One always wishes to belong to the clique and not stay apart, unless the situation permits one to do the same.

Wearing the same kind of t-shirt makes people belong to a particular clique and even after the event ends, one can wear the same t-shirt and spot the other person wearing it and can connect.

If you are an upcoming brand, it is best that you get customised merchandise made for everyone, including your employees and your associates and partners so that everyone feels included in the firm.

If you as a start-up are going to meet your investor, it is strongly recommended that you shall wear a customised t-shirt having the name of your brand and its’ values.

This in turn would actually leave a long lasting impression in terms of how much you are dedicated towards your brand.

7. Works across every sector and every demographic

Each and every brand has got its’ own niche audience. While some wish to target youth, some wish to target the aged. Some of the brands target the uber-rich and the upper middle strata, some of the brands target the lower classes, some target the urban milieu while others target the tier-two and three cities of the nation.

Well, one might use different strategies to reach each age and demographic strata category and income category; however custom T-shirts is one such way that one can reach all the age groups through the same means.

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A T-shirt is something that is worn by almost everyone on a daily basis at any point of the day and at any occasion.

If your brand creates a fashion icon, chances are more and more people would think of wearing your brands’ t-shirt.

Most youngsters and even the elderly like to keep up with the latest trends today. Most of the youth who often might have absolutely little or no knowledge about the social movements might wear the garment which represents the moment just so that he/she might appear “cool” and “woke” in front of his friends.

Hence, these are the ways in which custom t-shirts can make a difference.

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